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Jammin’ with Funk Legend

The Funk Ark with George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic

Performing with the legendary “Godfather of Funk”, George Clinton, my soul brother Graham Doby just killed it on drums to whet the audience’s appetite with classic Funk Ark jams.  What sets Graham apart is his amazing lyrical sensibilities while holding the groove – simply phenomenal. The Funk Ark front-man Joe Herrera blazed the trumpet with hits and melodic riffs partnered with Matt Rippetoe on sax.  TJ Turqman on bass, Will Rast on keyboards, Josh Kay on percussion Jaime Ibacache and Greg Loman on guitar put the groove on lock as the Funk Ark sails to spread the flavors of DC to distant shores.

Taking the baton,  George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, rocked it non-stop with a crew 25 plus deep on stage to the early morn. George “The Godfather of Funk” Clinton has been kicking it for over 45 year and doesn’t miss a step. Seamlessly blending the history of funk, getting sweeter with time and aging like wine, that iconic PFunk got the crowd pitch-fevered in a frenzy. In the front row the bass was so deep bass that made the room shake and your soul vibrate. From the rafters you felt the love, smelled soul and heard laughter. A crowning moment of the night for me was experiencing Maggot Brain live… It was my first and hopefully not the last George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic experience.

About 20 years ago, I had the great pleasure to meet Dennis Chambers, the drummer performing with George in the above clip. Dennis was doing a show in Taiwan with The Brecker Brothers and we talked at a local pub after the show… What I remember most from our conversations was him telling me how he had a heart condition when he was very young which prevented him from doing sports and missing lots of school. His mom got him a drum-set primarily for physical exercise or therapy. He got better and better and carrying the drum-set around to perform gave him muscles.  His comment about playing with PFunk was how it really taught him how to stay in the groove – regardless of time signature, break beat, solo or otherwise. He said it really grounded and fortified his playing style.

I will end this review as it began. Much love to my soul brother, Graham Doby, and The Funk  Ark who are sailing with the legends of Funk. Rock on and don’t stop.





A Plate of Stomp Status Funk

Beyonce Thighs by Stomp Status
Graham beats dat drum like it owes him money, Justin loves the mic like a bear loves honey, Gena stokes the keys like midnight magic and T.J. puts pressure on the bass to form a diamond. Stomp Stauts serves your ears a plate of funk with healthy side of soul and jazz. What underground-funk to you like to chill out to?

“You know, in the 1970’s, when I was in high school, I belonged to a band called the Happy Funk Band. Until an unfortunate typo caused us to be expelled from school.” ~Colin Mochrie