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Database of Love

I recently read an article about being happy, smart and useful from Derek Sivers and was so inspired to write a following response in true DBA style;-)


There are three things to consider when making life-size decisions:

  • what makes you happy
  • what’s smart (long-term good for you)
  • what’s useful to others

We have a tendency to forget one of these.


I was thinking how Smart/Happy/Useful could apply in romance or a rocky marriage?
Maybe someone is being too happy at the other’s expense or someone persistently sees the other as not being useful. When people have different upbringing, what’s smart for you may be stupid to your partner. In the beginning, both people only see the perfectly shaded centers in each other, then experiences push the 3 circle so that nothing overlaps… Couples fight each other and selfishly fight to pull the circles back together until love is not a joining point…

Select s.happy, s.smart, s.useful
from soulmate s, life l, dreams d
where s.happy=l.happy and
l.useful=d.useful and
l.love=s.love and
s.children_future>=d.self and

Everyone gets different results from the same query. Happiness often becomes null. Data content always changes. Cartesian product brings useless frustrations…

Maybe set operation would be a better approach.
Select * from soulmate
Select * from life
Select * from dreams
SELECT * from selfishness;
If only one person is MINUS from selfishness, then the other will eventually have null/nothing to return…

Always insert more love, more awareness, more caring, more special time, more affection…

The database of love often hangs, crashes and gets SQL injection attacks. Securing the network, applying patches, changing passwords can help. If you are OTLP and your partner is OLAP, please tune each system accordingly to achieve maximum performance for the System Development Life Cycle.

P.S. – Don’t forget to take a backup when needed;-)


Here’s my 2 cents…