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Choose with Love

mlkWhile thinking about Dr. Martin Luther King, I was inspired to write this poem today. Hope you enjoy;-)

Choose with Love ~Will Avery

Whether you choose to leave or choose to stay
Choose with love to find your way
Whether you choose to stay or choose to leave
Choose with love and just believe…

Pure your mind. Pure your heart.
Choose with love to make a start.
Pure your heart. Pure your mind
Choose with love and you will find…

When times are dark and you have to fight
Choose with love to find the light
You have to fight when times are dark
Choose with love to heal your heart…
Here’s my 2 cents…

Social Media – Tweet Me

by Will Avery aka “The Funky Gemini”

Will Avery aka "The Funky Gemini" - Tweet Me

Social media… all the rave.
Tweet me. Poke me. Like me. Save…
Blog me. Pin me. Make me meme.
Viral visions of my dream
For the world wide web to see
Tumblr, Instagram

A million tweets. A million views.
A million hits. The latest news
Hunting dragons. Fishing whales.
Life is just a fairy-tale
Cause when all is said and done
ME is not the only one
Here’s my 2 cents…