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123 Andrés Go!

The Funky Gemini conversation with Andrés Salguero…

123-andres1.) What do you feel is the relationship with you and your songs/music?

  • I love writing and it is an important part of my life! Creative works keeps me engaged. 

2.) Which song, you wrote the fastest on the project? And how did the inspiration hit you?

  • I think the biggest hit, Salta salta, was written really fast. A friend told me after a show -you know, kids really enjoyed jumping – and I think I wrote the song right away.

3.) What was the last song you wrote that was included in this project? What lead you to fell or know that was the last song on the project?

  • I think Oh Papa was the last song I wrote. I wanted to write a song for the fathers out there and also a song that would show my gratitude towards my dad.

4.) How long have you known the member and players on your project? And how did you come together?

  • We are a family that have been working together for years. Christina is the other half of 123 Andrés. Luis Bonilla puts the beats and his audio knowledge. We are lucky because get to work with musicians from so many different backgrounds and countries.

5.) Do you have any children, nephews, nieces or young cousins that you play music for before doing the recording? And how does that affect and decisions?

  • I do share my music with a few selected fans. They definitely transmit feedback that we take into consideration.

6.) Is there any funny/crazy situation that happened at a performance, a recording session, or a song development time that you would like to share?

  • Yes! We use wireless headsets. At a show in DC, Christina forgot to mute her microphone and 200 people in the audience heard how she went to a store to get some water. That was funny! 

7.) If you had to assign percentages to your recording style, what percentage for being planned out versus let’s just leave to chance? Which 2 songs had the most extreme difference in preparation versus chance in the recording?

  • For us recording is an evolving process. We have a vision that we want to follow 100% but then we go back and continue adding details and sometimes change course completely. At times you don’t know until you record it!

8.) Is there any song on your project where you feel your father, mother, grandparent or any family member’s presence or spirit?

  • Oh Papá was written definitely with my dad in mind. We did a beautiful video and he appears on it. Check it out!

9.) Are there any comments, emails, letters from fans that really touched you?

  • Yes! A grandmother from North Carolina sent us a knitted scarf!  

10.) What are the most difficult things for you as a musician? Writing/recording new songs, promoting, performing, maintaining contact with fans or any other…

  • Keeping the balance and doing all of those!

11.) Any new videos or collaborations in the works?

  • Our new album is coming up soon. We’ll share it with you!! 

12.) Where do you see your musical journey taking you in the future?

  • Continuously evolving. We want to do more visual work, an app, and some literature. Now we need time!  

Here’s my 2 cents…

A Dollar Worth of Actions

A Dollar Worth of Actions ~Will Avery
It can be hard to express thoughts… on matters of the heart
But it’s time to pour the pennies out… make a brand new start
To nickle and dime a love… short changes the best of life
A dollar worth of actions… for a husband and a wife

This time is just a loan… so spend it with great care
The interest on mistakes… may be to great to bare
Indebted to each other… for the joys and for the strife
A dollar worth of actions… for a husband and a wife
Here’s my 2 cents…